"Rights for Every Child"



Our mission is to secure the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged children to survival, protection, development, and participation. We also ensure that, through capacity-building and sustainable programming, community members (parents, schoolteachers, local government officials, etc.) continue to monitor and support children in remote areas of upper Northern Thailand long after TLSDF terminates its work, creating a lasting impact. TLSDF works to advocate for child protection and children's rights on domestic and international levels.


Child Rights Based Programming (CRP) is at the heart of everything we do. What is CRP?  It's not just about NGO and charity contributions; it's about integrating internationally established rights into national policies, legislation, processes, strategies and obligations. While we conduct many of our activities at the local level, TLSDF focuses its efforts on influencing large-scale change. Through a community-based collaborative framework amongst governmental and civil society organizations, TLSDF effectively enables the development of essential child rights-based infrastructure within our project areas.


  • Provide UNCRC based life skills education and training to children, youth, women, and families to encourage holistic development
  • Promote and support community participation in the sustainable development of youth rights groups and life skills programs
  • Mobilize local resources to build sustainability into our programs 
  • Create an inclusive Thai advocacy coalition to prompt widespread change and bring greater awareness to child rights
  • Conduct operations in collaboration with other local, national and international organizations for the greater public benefit

TLSDF has several programs engaged in accomplishing its goals, including Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and Life Skills-Based Quality Education Enhancement (LSQE). Support is provided by Save the Children, Johnson & Johnson, the World Childhood Foundation, Child Rights Coalition Asia, and the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation.


  1. Identification of unmet needs and unfulfilled rights through situation analyses in TLSDF project areas
  2. A community-based approach with emphasis on building the capacity of duty bearers, who have a responsibility to children
  3. Child-centered methodology  and child's best interest approach to learning and applying life skills
  4. Well-established collaborative networks of community members and community-based social and governmental organizations
  5. Cost-effective operations and transparent project management
  6. Reliable program monitoring and evaluation for further improvement