LSQE Study Visit

LSQE Study Visit 

LSQE (Life Skills-Based Quality Education Enhancement) is a project that, beginning in 2007, seeks to improve access to quality education for 7 ethnic minority groups in the Pang Maphaa District of the Mae Hong Son Province. The target communities are: Shan, Lisu, Karen, Red Lahu, Black Lahu, Hmong, and Pa’o. This 9 year project has been dedicated to providing the children of these communities with access to quality education that also integrates and preserves their cultures. The 20 schools participating in LSQE allow for students to acquire life skills, reduce risky behaviors, and practice certain traditions while still in school. There is a large emphasis on creating mutual understanding between the children of each ethnic group, the teachers, and outer communities.

During July, TLSDF and other participants in the LSQE project returned to Pang Maphaa District for a study visit. Wanaluang, etc schools were visited over the course of three days. TLSDF has officially handed the reigns over to OPESA and is pleased with how this life skills-based methodology has been implemented in each school. This study visit was conducted to reflect upon the achievements of each school, as well as providing further suggestions for improvements. Overall, this study visit was seen as an excellent way to celebrate the challenges and accomplishments of each LSQE partner school. These 5 schools were able to display the skills and cultural traditions of both their students and teachers.

Here we have LSQE donors and Lahu students eating “Kao Pook” at the Wana Luang School

Students at Wana Luang School play traditional game "saba"

Teachers at nong pha ่jum school are promoting acceptance among different groups at the primary school level.

Lisu Traditional Danc

Practicing metal work

Shan girls performing traditional Angel/Firebird Dance

Group photograph taken at Mae Lana School.